Draugen instruction manual (Windows PC)

Starting the game

For information about how to start the game from your Steam or GOG.com client, please refer to the relevant documentation. For technical support regarding Steam and/or GOG, you will need to contact the respective service.

Draugen supports both mouse/keyboard and controller inputs. Any supported game controller button press will activate controller support. Similarly, any mouse and/or keyboard input will activate mouse/keyboard controls.

From the main menu, you can start a new game, continue an existing game, or adjust the game’s settings.

Draugen supports up to three different player profiles. Each profile has a separate save file, but profiles share achievements.

By default, the first profile is selected, and starting a new game will establish a profile save. To begin a new game with another profile, or to continue a saved game with an alternative profile, please select a profile.

Starting a new game with an existing profile will delete any progress made with that profile.

Draugen saves your progress automatically at regular restore points during the game. There are no manual save games. To ensure that your save games are not corrupted, please do not turn off your PC or forcibly exit the game while the ‘saving game’ icon is showing in the bottom right of your screen.

When you quit the game, progress is saved at the last restore point. Continuing a previously saved game will start the game at the relevant restore point. This may not be exactly where you left the game, but all important progress is restored.


You can adjust the game’s settings from the main menu or at any point from the in-game menu, accessed by pressing the ESC key or the menu button on your game controller.

Adjusting the game’s visual settings may slow your game down, if you select a preset or resolution that is higher than recommended for your PC. To improve performance, please reduce visual fidelity and/or screen resolution.

Draugen supports multiple subtitle formats. You can choose to show character names in front of each line, or colour-code the subtitles to differentiate between speakers. You can also stack subtitles, which keeps the previous line on-screen for longer.

Playing the game

Draugen can be played with either mouse/keyboard or a compatible game controller. Compatible and recommended controllers include Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game pads.

Once the game has been successfully started, any supported game controller button press will activate controller support. Similarly, any mouse and/or keyboard input will activate mouse/keyboard controls.

Draugen controls much like any other first-person game. Use the mouse or the right stick on your game controller to move the camera, and WASD keys or the left stick to move Edward around the game world. You can also move forward by clicking and holding down the right mouse button, and run by holding down both mouse buttons.

You can manually remap all controls in the game settings, as well as adjust vertical and horizontal settings.

Interact with the game world and the user interface using the left mouse-button or the A-button on your Xbox One game controller. Other controllers may differ. To see the default button layout, enter the settings menu.

To make dialogue choices with a mouse, hover over keywords to see a preview of your choice, and left-click to make your choice. With a game controller, you can tap the relevant face button to see the preview, and hold the button down to make a choice.

The “Lissie button” is one of the most important features in Draugen. You can always press the F-key on your keyboard, or the right shoulder button on your Xbox One controller, to call out for Lissie (if she’s far away) or talk to her (when she’s close). When you call out for Lissie, and she responds, an on-screen icon will show her location. Use this to navigate to where Lissie is. Use the Lissie button as often as possible to interact with Lissie: you never know what it might lead to.

When the journal and map are unlocked, you can press the J-key, or the ‘up’ D-pad button on your controller, to open and close the journal. There are on-screen instructions for how to page back and forwards.